5 1 39 Soane inglese 400edited by Angelo Maggi, Nicola Navone
24 x 24 cm, 240 pp.
44 ill. col. e 106 ill. b/n
Edizioni dell’Accademia di architettura - Sir John Soane’s Museum
ISBN 8887624240
€ 45 / frs 70.–
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The wooden bridges of Wettingen, Reichenau and Sciaffusa, built by the brothers Johannes and Hans Ulrich Grubenmann, were in the second half of the 18th century much admired and studied by scholars, engineers and architects.Among these was the British John Soane (1753-1837), who did drawings of them which emphasized their technological and structural aspect. He also made them the subject of some of his famous Lecturers at the Royal Academy in London.

Howard Burns, From Julius Caesar to the Grubenmann brothers: Soane and the history of wooden bridges; Nicola Navone, The eighteenth-century European reputation of the Grubenmann brothers; Angelo Maggi, John Soane and 'the sublime simplicity of the structure' of the wooden bridges of Switzerland; Massimo Laffranchi, Paolo De Giorgi, Some remarks on the Grubenmanns’ wooden bridge structures; Rolando Bellini, Descriptive sketches in the margins of the engraved signs of Bacon’s “Regnum Hominis”; Fabio Minazzi, The Encyclopédie and the philosophical value of the mechanical arts; Pierre Gros, Guido Beltramini, Caesar’s bridge on the Rhine Appendix

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